Senin, 10 September 2012

What I have achived in this course

This is an explanation of the work .l did in my Academic Communication class. I learned how to blog and how to do a surrey .Now, l am able to make a presentation on prezi . l have learned how to blog and can conduct a survey.

First prezi : Introduce Myself 

First I wrote the title and talked about myself. Next I created an image and video. Then I link the information with the Prezi design. Finally I sent the hyperlink to the Mr. Vance. My Prezi was about myself and my hobbies.

Second Prezi : Less pollution is the best solution

First I chose the title which I want to write about it. Then I write the benefits that will happen if you keep the environment clean from pollution. Next I created images and videos about fresh environment and put it in Prezi design. Finally, I created a link and sent it to Mr. Vance.

Prezi is great and easy way to present. It's very easy to use and very interesting.

First blogger :What we understand from class

In blogger I wrote about what I understand from Mr. Vance classes. First I created new blog and give it name. Next created a new posts and write a paragraph. Then publish the post and share it wit Mr. Vance. It's very interesting to use this site. It's very easy to publish your articles and share it with peoples.

Survey Monkey : World Cup

This is fantastic site for who want to do survey about something. I chose football because I like it. I put three question about World Cup and publish the link ti my friends. I got the results and share it with Mr. Vance.

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